Song Demos – October 2012


HERE ARE THE SONGS (in no particular order).  The back story was here and here.  Click the links and they’ll start playing (they’re MP3 files).  When the song is done, click the Back button to come back here:


I Read ‘Em And Weep (The Facebook Song)

I Read ‘Em and Weep (The Facebook Song)     by Greg Cook & Jeff Cotner

No, it’s not about playing poker.  It’s about a guy reading (and obsessing over) his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page.  The Internet-Age subject matter is balanced out with a fairly retro country style.  A two-stepping song, like Randy Travis in the 80s or Alan Jackson in the 90s.  Fun for the Facebook addicts, and it all still makes pretty good sense even if you’ve never seen or heard of Facebook.


I’ve Got People For That

I’ve Got People for That     by Greg Cook, Jeff Cotner & Eddie Kilgallon

We set out to write a country version of Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good”  – sort of a musical charicature of a rockstar who seems to have lost touch with the real world.  Our slightly-obnoxious and oblivious countrified celebrity has “people” to take care of his kids, his guitar, his house and his private jet.  (Don’t you?)  The band gets in the Joe Walsh spirit, too.  Eddie K’s songwriting credentials (a #1 hit!) give this one some extra “street cred.”


Don’t Mess With Texas Girls

Don’t Mess With Texas Girls     by Greg Cook, Jeff Cotner & Justin Spears

Justin and I are both from Texas and have at least a little first-hand knowledge of the ups and downs of, uh, “messing” with Texas girls.  Justin is actually married to a great one.  The song is part warning (as its name implies) and part endorsement.  This one turned out to be a little bit PG13, if you choose to think of it that way.