Ruby Slippers

My god-daughter Olivia Reasoner is back in the spotlight.  Last month she was a “chorus girl” in a HITS production at Miller Outdoor Theatre.  This week she was front and center at the HITS theatre on 18th Street, donning the iconic red shoes and blue gingham of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.   Judy Garland herself would have been proud.  Olivia was perfect for the role shepherding her three sidekicks to Oz:  she clearly lacks neither heart nor brains nor courage.  And she can sing!

That’s Olivia, above, outside the HITS theatre with a bouquet from her grandparents, Harry and Macy Reasoner.  The first shot in the grid below is Olivia with her beautiful mom, Susan.  Somehow her dad Barrett’s mug didn’t make it into the photos.  All four of Olivia’s brothers and sisters were there to watch, then clap, now brag.