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Ironman Texas


In a moment of weakness and/or bravado a couple of years back, I claimed that I would do an Ironman on every continent.  So, Brazil 2008 (South America: done); Germany 2010 (Europe: done).   Last year they announced, for the first time ever, that there would be an Ironman event in Texas — right here in the Houston area.  I was bummed — on one hand, if they’re having one in your hometown, you can’t NOT do it, but I’d loved doing them as “destination events”  in cool distant places.  Worse, they scheduled it in late May — in south Texas where, you may already know, it gets really hot in late May.

And so we did it.  My friends / training partners all did great.  Scott exorcised his IronMan demons (his last attempt – in Germany – landed him in the ICU rather than the finish line).  Shane logged his fourth Ironman (his third within a 12-month span).  The one female in our group, Angie, kicked all our butts (in our defense, she’s a fitness “professional” and she’s about three age-groups younger than the Shane and me).  All good.  Me?  I had some unmentionable problems during the bike section, which set me back nearly an hour and gave me my worst Ironman time ever.  But hey, I finished, so who cares, right?  North America: done.

And my Mom and Dad even came down to watch.

That’s me in the black tank top (#2079).  [Update: I added some pics of Scott, too].  I’ll try to gather and add some pics of the others.  Here are a few for now.


(Obviously, I didn’t TAKE any of these pictures).


Ironman Kona 2010

Pictures 2010k 849e1_edited-1

My friend Shane Merz  raced in the 2010 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — even for me as a spectator.  I’d just bought my new camera (my first “real” camera in 20 years or so).  Not bad for a first outing.  Oh:  Shane did great, too, as his finish-line picture suggests.

BLUEHAT1.jpgDSC_0075.jpgDSC_0246_edited-1.jpgDSC_0252_edited-1.jpgDSC_0444_edited-1.jpgDSC_0714_edited-1.jpgDSC_0856.jpgKONA MailPics-023.jpgKONA MailPics-050.jpgPictures 2010 1114e2.jpgPictures 2010 1304.jpgPictures 2010 1331.jpgPictures 2010k 1312.jpgPictures 2010k 1322.jpgPictures 2010k 1384e1.jpgPictures 2010k 849e1_edited-1.jpg