Hottern Hell Hundred — lived up to its name

Another summer means another trip to Wichita Falls for the Hotter’n Hell Hundred-mile bike ride.  For the one-millionth consecutive year, Scott and I sported the yellow G&B jerseys, based on the hopeful belief that the lighter yellow color would reflect the sun and keep us just a little cooler.  The temperatures were well over 100 degrees by the end.


The lowlight of this year’s trip was the flat tire I had in the first 10 miles.  It was still just after daylight, and when I stopped roadside to fix the flat, I was swarmed (and bitten) by so many mosquitos I broke out in hives.  Worse, I thought the hives were more mosquito bites (like 1,000 of them!?!); I was a little freaked out.  Thanks to my loyal HHH team — Shane, Scott and Mike — for helping me with the flat, calming me down, getting me Benadryl, and letting me draft behind them for an hour or so while the symptoms subsided.