The Parkers in the Virgin Islands


I got to spend ten days or so in the Virgin Islands with my sister’s family (Jana and Bill Parker, and their ‘kids’ Tyler, Caitlin (in pink dress) and Grace.  We stayed on St. Thomas and then St. Johnr.  In the middle, we took a sailboat trip to Jost Van Dyke (one of the British Virgin Islands, which gave the Parker clan a chance to get a real stamp in their newly-minted passports).

These few pictures surely don’t do the place justice, but since most of our activities were water-based and my camera isn’t waterproof, there weren’t many pictures except for a few on the sailboat trip and an impromptu photo shoot the final night’s trip to dinner.  The stranger is Captain “Hollywood” Joe, who owned the sailboat.

JJC_4526.jpgJJC_4495.JPGJJC_4389.JPGJJC_4424.JPGJJC_4489.JPGJJC_4541.JPGCopy of JJC_4599.jpgJJC_4513.JPGJJC_4321.jpgJJC_4409.jpgJJC_4451.jpgJJC_4565.jpgJJC_4567.JPGJJC_4582.jpgJJC_4592.jpgJJC_4599.jpgJJC_4613.jpgJJC_4619.jpgJJC_4631.jpgJJC_4643.jpgJJC_4375.JPG