Mardis Gras and Bacchus

JJC_1050 Humphries Beaded


I think this was about my seventh year joining Shane and Michele (and Shane’s enormouse Mardis Gras posse) in NOLA for the Bacchus Ball.  It never disappoints.  Scott and Stacy Humphries made their debut.

I always say that Mardis Gras can be great for almost anyone, because it is whatever you make it.   You want wild?  NOLA can surely deliver.  But there’s almost literally a parallel universe — just walk down Royal Street instead of Bourbon Street (one block over) and you’re surrounded by art galleries, antique shops, and fancy restaurants (in lieu of Bourbon Street’s bars, strip clubs and bead-solicitors).  It’s often surprisingly easy to get a table at the famous (civilized) restaurants (most Mardis Gras visitors go elsewhere).

JJC_1043.jpg2011 03 06_0180 St John.jpgIMG_0775.jpg2011 03 06_0184.jpgIMG_0744a.jpgIMG_0773a.jpgJJC_0943.jpgIMG_0779.jpgIMG_0791.jpgJJC_0909.jpgJJC_1023.jpgJJC_1050 Humphries Beaded.jpg