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When I announced my retirement from the legal world in 2011 and started traveling, my good friend (fellow Oklahoman) Shane Merz bought me the JEFFCOTNER.COM domain and told me I should use it to do a “Where in the World is Jeff Cotner” website.  Meanwhile, I’d started taking lots of pictures — my teenage photography hobby now seems to have been fully reincarnated in the digital age.  Though for home security purposes, I generally don’t announce where I am in real time, this site at least logs some of where I’ve been and what I’ve had the good fortune to see — and hopefully it’s all well-photographed.  I hope you’re amused, entertained, educated, or touched.

For those who care:  I use primarily a D800 and D800E (I honestly can’t tell the difference), and sometimes a Nikon D7000.  These cameras each seem to have as much computer power as the Space Shuttle and, as I’ve said elsewhere, have capabilities indistinguishable from magic — especially the D800s.  For bike rides and hikes (and underwater!), I use a little Canon S100.  Go to my Gear & Tips page if you want to hear more about my photography choices.  I’m always happy to talk cameras (or bikes, or planes, or . . .) with anybody that wants to hear it.   You’ll see a handful of pictures that include me, so it should usually be obvious which ones I didn’t actually take.  For example, I’ve put some mostly-goofy pictures OF me in the gallery below.

I love to get emails from folks who have seen the site.  You can email me at jeff@jeffcotner.com.  [Or still at jcotner@gibbsbruns.com.]  If you want to know when there’s a new post, use the links in the upper right to friend/follow me on Facebook. THANKS for taking a look at the site.

Jeff Cotner

Houston, Texas


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