Party Barn Christmas 2010: The (Blog) Post of Christmas Past

I confess:  These pictures are two years old.  And yes, I know they’re a little blurry.  But I like them.  I was digging through some older pictures last week and ran across these shots from Christmas 2010.  (The 2012 Cotner family gathering in my mom and dad’s Party Barn hasn’t even happened yet.)  If your family is about to gather, maybe these shots will give you a few ideas.  It was a homemade game of “Minute to Win It” — devised by my Killer Aunts.  Good fun for a big family holiday.  An added perk of posting two-year-old pictures:  We all look a little bit younger.




Photography note:  These are with the Nikon D90 I’d just bought in October 2010.  The fun of the subject matter makes up for some mediocre technical photography skill.