Florida 2012: My Glamorous Nieces

There are several nice family/vacation pictures from my trip to the Destin / Panama City area with my sister and her clan (plus a couple of great guests).   But I thought these shots of my lovely nieces (Caitlin, 20, in brown stripes; Grace, 15 in blue) deserved a page of their own.  They were taken on the balcony of our rented condo.  Behind each picture is an ongoing debate about optimal smiling techniques, which side they felt (strongly) was their “best” side, and how they were going to keep their hair out of their faces.



For the photography folks:  Nikon D800 (rocks), natural light on a shaded, open balcony.  Evening sun on the beach behind.   No tricks.  100mm or so, at f4 to blur the background.