Chester and the Unbearable Burden


My nephew Tyler’s first semi-professional big-city play opened this weekend in Chicago, so my sister, my  mom and I made the trip to clap, laugh and hug.  The play was a spoof of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  Despite my never having seen any of those movies, he actually did make me laugh out loud – and his mother, his grandmother and I objectively selected him as the shining star of the show.

Chester and the Unbearable Burden was written, produced and directed by two of Tyler’s college friends.  Tyler’s character – the villain, Dark Lord Molvak – was an endearingly obnoxious, gregariously murderous evil wizard.  That’s him in the black robes with the big “M” on the front.  The black costume against a black backdrop in a dimly-lit theater was a cruel joke to play on a photographer/uncle.  Even so, I got to contribute some workable pics for their press kit.  A few have already made it to an online Chicago theater review of the play (3 out of 4 stars — not bad!),  and to the Harry Potter “Mugglenet” website review (which was very positive!).

If you know anyone in Chicago, tell them to go see “Chester” this month at the Athenaeum Theater.  Buy tickets here.