What’s Good for the Goose . . .

Just south of my hometown of Vian, Oklahoma, is Sequoyah Wildlife Refuge.  Each fall (and spring) the wheatfields of the refuge are swarmed by tens of thousands of wild geese, migrating toward friendlier climates.  My dad drove me through the Refuge while I was home for Thanksgiving.

There is a two-lane road through the middle of the Refuge.  On the west side, hunting (geese) is legal and popular; on the east side hunting is not allowed.  When you drive down that road, you can see thousands of geese on the east side — often just 40 yards or so from the road — but none on the west side.  Even the flight patterns of the huge swarms that come in and out carefully stay on the safe side.  Like me, the geese are not as dumb as they look.

The www.stevecreek.com website (a photographer from the area) often has pictures (better than mine!) from the Refuge.