Belize Retreat


This year’s annual Gibbs & Bruns firm retreat was on Ambergris Cay in Belize.  It may or may not be my last one (I’ve never missed one since 1993), so there was definitely a bittersweet element.  But I’ll get sentimental about G&B some other time.  I didn’t get the camera out much, but I did get one interesting and “okay” (not great) shot of a sweet Guatamalan lady peddling blankets on the beach.  I couldn’t resist and bought a couple as baby presents for folks who missed the retreat due to pregnancies.

The shot of Scott is no work of art, but it’s here because it makes me laugh.  He’d got up at sunrise and wandered out to the beach to read, only to discover me already out there:  shirtless, as I recall, and experimenting with how best to balance light from an off-camera flash unit with the natural light of the sunrise.  His expression reveals his role as an unwilling model, his bemusement that I was out there doing that at that hour, and his discomfort that I was shirtless out there taking his picture.  Like I said, it makes me laugh.

The couple in the other picture is Kathy Patrick and her husband Arthur.  Kathy is one of my long-time G&B friends and partners — a Harvard alum who recruited me to Houston and who is thus one of the reasons life turned out the way it did.